Training Area

At a meeting of the WHSA committee earlier this year, it was decide that we would trial the creation of a selected area of the water for training ( see chart below ).

The Proposal : The racing buoys to be moved a little further up the lake and a training Zone is created towards the west end of the lake where no racing can take place.

Reason for Change: If we don’t allow space for people to train we are effectively cutting off the life blood of new members of all ages from learning to sail and in turn feeding new members in to our clubs and eventually our racing fleets.

Often at the at the weekends the racing fleet takes over the west end of the lake, causing able sailors and the “trainees” to have to be tow’ed up to buoys 6 and above in order to get water space. It would be so very easy for the “racing” fleet to use the further parts of the lake but simply choose not to, without realising the implications of their presence.

The Trial : will be until October 2022.

The zones on the water

WHSA training Area for 2022