About Us

The Welsh Harp Sailing Association (WHSA) is the over arching organisation which manages the watersport activities on the Welsh Harp. The Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir) belongs to the Canal and River Trust (CRT) and the WHSA has a lease from CRT which gives them the sole rights to watersport activities on the Harp.

What do we do?

The WHSA manages the site on behalf of the constituent bodies:

  • Dealing with the Canal and River Trust
  • Maintaining the site
  • Maintaining contact with other bodies who have interests on the Harp as it is a site of Special Scientific interest
  • Liaising with the Royal Yachting Association.

Management of the WHSA

The Executive Committee of the Welsh Harp Sailing Association (WHSA) consists of the three Officers of the WHSA, the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, plus the Sailing Secretary, the Harbour Master, the Vice Chair and the Commodores of the Constituent bodies.

The present members are:

  • Chair – Manfred Starkl
  • Vice Chair – Lenore Cannon
  • Secretary – Mark Kitchen
  • Treasurer – Tony Barton
  • Sailing Secretary – Iain Porter
  • Harbour Master – Brian Jefferies
  • Assistant Harbour Master – vacant position
  • Phoenix Canoe Club Ltd – Phil Atkinson
  • Regatta Safety Boating Base – Manfred Starkl
  • Sea Cadets – Iain Porter
  • Welsh Harp Sailing Club – Maciej Matyjaszczuk
  • Wembley Sailing Club – John Green

The association exists to promote and encourage the sport of sailing and racing under RYA rules on the Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir) for all persons able to benefit therefrom regardless of age, sex, race, creed or ability. To these ends the Association shall:

  1. Acquire, protect, preserve and administer the sailing rights on the Welsh Harp.
  2. Provide suitable facilities for its members from its resources.
  3. Act on behalf of the Constituent Bodies in all matters affecting the use of the Welsh Harp.
  4. Organise a programme of racing on the Welsh Harp under IYRU rules as amended by the RYA.
  5. To operate on a sound financial basis but shall be non-profit making and that any surplus income or gains will be reinvested in the association. The association shall not make any distribution of club assets, in cash or in kind to members or third parties. (This does not preclude the association making donations to charities or to any other associations or clubs that are registered as community amateur sports clubs.


The Executive Committee meet several times a year. Minutes of previous meetings can be found on the ExCo Documents page.